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June 2017
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P-KAR Workshop Proceedings and Report

The report from the Place-related Knowledge Acquisition Research (P-KAR 2012) workshop that was held on August 31, in conjunction with Spatial Cognition 2012, can be downloaded here.

The proceedings of the workshop are available online here.

Place-related Knowledge Acquisition Research Workshop (P-KAR 2012)

Our academic project team, in cooperation with colleagues from the University of Edinburgh, UK and the University of California, Santa Barbara, US, is organizing the workshop in conjunction with the Spatial Cognition Conference 2012, in Germany. For more information about the “Place-related Knowledge Acquisition Research” (P-KAR) workshop, please visit our page, P-KAR.

UNSDI Gazetteer Project Science and Technical Advisory Group

Stephan Winter joined the UNSDI Gazetteer Project Science and Technical Advisory Group. The project will develop a common gazetteer framework for Indonesia, and address the challenges of multiple gazetteers in use for geocoding.

PhD students recruiting

The project is recruiting PhD students in Geographic Information Science, Computational Linguistics, and Linguistics. Read more.


Tell Us Where mobile application


Tell Us Where is home of a research project to study place descriptions.

Place descriptions are a common way for people to describe a location, but no current software tools are smart enough to understand them. This way, emergency call centres are risking lives, postal services are wasting billions of dollars per year by addressing problems, and users of navigation or web services are frustrated about restrictive interfaces or prolonged search.

This project will develop a novel, interdisciplinary approach to automatically interpret human place descriptions. It will develop methods to capture placenames with their meaning — their true location — for smarter databases and automatic interpretation procedures. The acquired knowledge will be an important step forward for data custodians and for service users.

This website will report about progresses of this initiative.